On Monday David Cameron appointed Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie and failed parliamentary candidate Shaun Bailey as ambassadors for the so-called Big Society agenda. But would Cameron have been so eager to give Bailey if he knew the youth worker’s charity seems to have effectively shut down?

In early 2010, the citizens Hammersmith couldn’t move for glossy Ashcroft-funded literature highlighting the good works performed by Bailey via his My Generation outfit. Accounts filed with the Charity Commission seem to paint a different picture, however, with just £261 spent in 2010 — down from £205,381 the previous year.

Regular Scrapbook readers will know this is not the first time accounts have caused embarrassment to David Cameron’s “urban talisman”.

Bailey is still unable to account for £16,000 and spent £60,000 on travel expenses in one year.

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  6. Interesting but where is this on the Charity Commission’s website, please? According to the link you provide, Bailey’s accounts are still overdue (18 days and counting).

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