Big hat-tip to the New Statesman who’ve obtained a leaked transcript of the phone interview in which the Convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee and veteran Tory MSP Bill Aitken suggests that a Glasgow rape victim may have been a hooker. The outrageous remarks have led hundreds of Scots to join a Facebook group calling for his head.

Aitken laughed after being told that the woman was dragged up a lane before being raped by three men. He then goes on to ask:

“I think, errr, somebody should be asking her what she was doing in Renfrew Lane… it is an area where quite a lot of the hookers take their clients.”

Aitken was roundly condemned by the Scottish Labour Party and so far the story has failed to gather much momentum but the publication of Aitken’s damning transcript has led First Minister Alex Salmond to criticise the Tory but failed to call for his resignation as convenor of the Justice Committee.

So much for compassionate conservatism.

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  11. He is going in May any way, what a pity that he will be evermore remembered for a stupid comment, his epitaph is going to be one of shame. Unfortunately fairly typical of Tory mentality in the Scottish Parliament, laddish , boorish, misogynist and weak leadership never helps.

  12. Typical attitude for a tory… they are so out of touch with their constituents its untrue. He should be made to apologise in person and be sacked.

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