Three months after being exposed by Scrapbook for his lavish expenditure at Conservative Party conference, the leader of Birmingham City Council is once again on the back foot for wasting taxpayers’ money on luxury accommodation. Mike Whitby was dubbed “Micky Two Rooms” after he rented two king king size pads to create a suite for himself at the party’s main annual event in October. The councillor — who tells voters their local authority must do “more for less” — has now been forced to defend another party conference hotel bill of over £3,000.

While Whitby’s £2,240 spending in 2010 outraged the Council’s 26,000 staff at risk of redundancy, it seems his extravagance two years prior knew no bounds. In 2008, he stayed at the same Hyatt Regency Hotel, clocking up invoices for accommodation, food and booze of £3,570. With a Conservative government at that point still two years away, one wonders who exactly was being lobbied to the benefit of Birmingham’s ratepayers.

Whitby lives just three miles away from the Hyatt and on both occasions had the use of a chauffeur-driven car to take him to and from meetings at any time of the day or night.

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  22. so where is the Tory front the Tax Payers (avoidance) Alliance on this one

    always missing when it comes to right wing Tories liek Pickles who back them

    Maybe TPA to busy trying to get the unions to support their no to AV campaign, after spending years slagging of the unions

    Just who does pay for the Tax payers Alliance (Ashcroft ??) open the books
    maybe the TPA staff just get paid the minimum wage while waiting for a Tory seat

    Tax Payers Alliance Just another group of Tory Liars

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