With Sarah Teather hitting the headlines last Friday for controversial campaigning tactics, Scrapbook heard a most amusing tale about the Brent Central MP this weekend.

One of Teather’s ex-boyfriends is apparently fond of the following anecdote. Whenever her passive-aggressive former flatmate was annoyed with her he would go to the kitchen and move the breakfast cereal to a higher shelf – just out of reach for the diminutive Liberal Democrat.

What a pity he wasn’t around to hide those expenses claim forms.

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  2. The first time I heard of plans to break up the NHS and take hospitals out of public ownership was ten years ago when, at a BBQ, I met the guy who came second to Teather in the selection to stand for Brent. We chatted for a while about the structure of the NHS and as the conversation progressed I got more and more agitated. My eventual, and exasperated, screams that “you Lib Dems are worse than the Tories, I hope you never get in government” was not appreciated by the host. I’ve not trusted a Lib Dem since.

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  5. You probably don’t get invited to many barbecues these days either, since you have so little composure that any political conversation ends up with you losing your temper and yelling at people. Tit.

  6. I remember a party at the house of a then “senior” LibDem researcher a few years back at which some of us found one Liberal bag-carrier in floods of tears in the kitchen sniveling that she could “never get a boyfriend” and that one lad had just turned her down because she was too short and he would have to bend double to kiss her.

    Turned out the diminutive researcher was actually Sarah Teather MP.

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  9. Not a real name amongst you. So……you are rumor mongers at best.. Crap heads at the least…. Choose….

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