Mary Honeyball is UK Labour’s representative in the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee in the European Parliament. Strange, then, that her website should be carrying an advert for “Sexy Polish girls”.

This arch-feminist will be presumably be changing the mobile edition of her blog shortly.

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  6. She’s clearly using a hosted blog, and the screenshot has been taken on (what I assume is) an iPhone/iPod touch. When viewed using such a device, blogs carry adverts which the owner has no control over.

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  14. ermm, are the adverts not oriented to the viewer of the website? Meaning the reason it’s showing up polish sexy girls is because the person taking the screenshot has been googling porn…

  15. Damn, when I look at it on Android it says “Sexy Polish Mud Wrestling Lesbian Dwarfs” which is funny because I saw a film about that once….. errr did I type that out loud?

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  18. It is the advertiser and the advert provider who has control over the advertisements placed. Not the content provider. Not the viewer. If I place an advert for Thai Brides (for example) and target specific keywords and you write an article that uses those keywords, then the advertising software will search through those words and find my advert and place it on your page. You would have no control over that. Google AdSense is reporting that they will be looking to remove those adverts, but I have had similar adverts come up within Gmail and the email is from my fiancee talking about planned honeymoon spots.

  19. Also, that is from a mobile device, whether it is from an iPhon or not is up for debate, but it is most definitely a mobile device. I have viewed Tumblr blogs, WordPress blogs and numerous other sources in a mobile layout. The advert is a Google powered advert in a mobile layout. I should know, I deal with them as a web designer …

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