Notorious for calling an opponent a “greasy-haired twat”, leaflets from Liberal Democrat Anna Pascoe are again raising eyebrows. Having seemingly discovered a cache of red printing ink, her colleagues in Cornwall have ditched the national Focus leaflets for a local by-election in Camborne North.

With red Labour-style branding, the material tells voters (in bold red lettering): “It’s either Anna or the Tory”. It seems the collapse in support for Nick Clegg’s operation has left Liberals fearing election meltdown not only in Oldham but their South West heartlands.

Despite stealing others’ clothes, however, the literature bears one unmistakable hallmark of a Liberal leaflet. Yes — the bar graph is still wrong!

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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  9. Voting Tory or LibDem in Camborne is a wasted vote, they never do anything on the council… The Labour candidate Jude Robinson has paid more interest in my local issues than any current Con or LibDem… the only way is Labour.

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  20. Nich Starling says:

    What sanctimonious rubbish. Go on to “The straight choice” website and look for all the yellow leaflets Labour have put out.

    Where was your criticism whaen Woolas was putting out his leaflets last May ?

  21. As for the yellow/red thing, surely you must admit that this is a departure from the consistency of the “Focus” leaflet? The use of red in this confusing way is at least a ruse to grab attention.

    I’ve seen leaflets like this for years and so they aren’t anything new. I’ve also seen something similar in blue when the Lib Dems are trying to squeeze the Tories. It’s just a way of varying the leaflets and grabbing the attention of the people they’re aimed at. The other parties do very similar things as well.

    I am sure Anna Pascoe has put out Focus-style leaflets too, which would be fitting for someone like Anna who is a very capable local campaigner.

  22. An amusing criticism – spoilt only slightly that the alternate line you have drawn is also in the wrong place. The Labour box should be at 28mm, they put it at 24 mm, you put it at 32mm – both 4mm out.

  23. So particular political parties have the exclusive right to use particualr colours do they?

    In fact all the parties have used a variety of colours over the years. For most of the past two decades Labour posters have been a mix of red and yellow, for example.

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