The worst kept secret in Scotland right now is that “Gorgeous” George Galloway is to return to his former stomping ground of Glasgow to run for the Scottish Parliament as a regional list candidate. Previously RESPECT refused to field candidates in Scotland and instead supported Tommy Sheridan’s pet vanity project, SOLIDARITY. Notwithstanding the far left’s OBSESSION WITH CAPITAL LETTERS, havingĀ changed their constitution RESPECT can now field candidates in Scotland and Galloway has been hinting that he plans to run.

In order to win a regional seat in the Scottish Parliament you need to garner about 5% of the vote across the region. Last time round the Liberal Democrats received a meagre 7% of the vote. In light of the foundation of the LibCon coalition it’s conceivable that that anti-war, left-of-centre, unionist Liberal Democrat voters could look elsewhere.

Galloway is the former MP for Glasgow Kelvin, home to the largest chunk of the city’s LibDem voters, where he is still held in considerable regard by the area’s middle-class left-wing voters. He’s also got a knack for un-seating Liberal Democrats like SDP leader Roy Jenkins in 1987.

The Scottish Parliament bar is reported to be stocking up on cigars.

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  5. Chris upon Thames says:


    He is regarded as a buffoon, and there are plenty of nice Green, SNP and Labour candidates for LibDems to vote for.

    His best hope is to get Labour voters to use their 2nd ballot for him, in the knowledge that Labour’s dominance of the first past the post seats means that they are unlikely to have any top-up seats. As a strategy it worked well for the SSP until Sheridan exploded.

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