Please forgive the delay in highlighting this cock-up from the intrepid truth seekers at the Daily Mail. Writing on the so-called “ruthless discipline” imposed on the 2010 intake by Conservative Party whips this week, Andrew Pierce cited the example of Tracey Crouch’s abstention on tuition fees:

Crouch, born to a single mother and brought up on a council estate in Carlisle, would never have been able to go to university if the fees regime had been in place when she left school.

This familial absenteeism came as something of a surprise to Crouch’s father, whose also found his Kent home relocated 385 miles up the road to, erm, Cumbria:

This (now revised) piece led Scrapbook to recall a similar (still uncorrected) face-palm moment from November. Richard Kay was reputably one of the only journalists trusted by Princess Diana. One assumes this admiration did not stem from his research skills.

Speculating as to the contents of Jack Straw’s memoirs, Kay writes:

Straw, who backed Ed Miliband for the Labour leadership, will not pull his punches …

Perhaps Straw’s tome will also explain how he “backed Ed Miliband” while not actually voting for him (even with a preference vote) and publicly supporting his brother?

The Daily Mail: making stuff up since 1896.

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