It seems the spirit of Yuletide good cheer has not yet extended to, where the dual sins of pedantry and sophism are on display. On the basis of a poorly-worded but nonetheless clear explanation of donations to charities from proceeds of the Liar Liar Christmas single (190,000 YouTube views and counting) a nitpicking complaint against Liberal Conspiracy has been filed with the Charity Commission.

Scrapbook cannot resist speculating as to how this unfolded:

Charity Commission: [RING! RING!] Hello, Charity Commission compliance department.
Plaintiff: We would like to complain about Liberal Conspiracy.
Charity Commission: Okay, what’s their registered charity number?
Plaintiff: Well …

While Dizzy claims it “will be interesting to see what if anything comes of it” Scrapbook would caution against anyone holding their breath. Certain parties should realise that the Charity Commission regulates, erm, charities. The clue is in the name, you see.

Or perhaps we can help Dizzy in founding OfBlog?

UPDATE: For the avoidance of doubt, Dizzy says he wasn’t the one who made the complaint.

  1. *confused* Errrrr you seem to be suggesting I filed the complaint and I am being the pedant, rather than simply posting about a complaint that has apparently been made and on what grounds it was made. *confused*

    However, love the BASIC.

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  3. Actually, anyone soliciting money while claiming it is for charitable purposes is regulated by the Charity Commission. They don’t have to be registered charities or charities at all.

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