The Press Complaints Commission has now received “approximately 1,000” complaints against an article in the Daily Mail about disabled tuition fees protester Jody McIntyre. A YouTube video showing McIntyre being dragged from his wheelchair by police caused uproar when it appeared online two days ago.

The offending column, from unconscionable turd Richard Littlejohn, concludes by comparing the activist to wheelchair user Andy from Little Britain’s “Andy and Lou” sketches:

Where do you want to go today, Jody?’
‘Are you sure? Wouldn’t you rather go to hear Bob Crow speak at the Methodist Central Hall. You like Bob Crow.’
‘Yeah, I know.’
‘So, we’ll go there, eh?’
‘Ken Livingstone will be there, too. He’s your favourite.’
‘All right, then.’
Five minutes later at the riot . . .
‘Don’t like it.’

As if this weren’t tasteless enough, the piece was accompanied by the following cartoon:

Autocue reader Ben Brown subsequently drew fire for his aggressive questioning of McIntyre on BBC News. Auntie pressers refused to provide Scrapbook with a figure on the number of complaints received due to the “obvious evidence of lobbying” online.

The mainstream media have hardly covered themselves in glory here.

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  13. The whole point of the Little Britain character is that he is NOT disabled- it is poking fun of perceptions of disability -the rights and wrongs of what happened to Jody Mcintyre not withstanding- that Littlejohn is ignorant of the “joke” or is tapping into prejudice concerning disabled people shows at best total ignorance at worst -a maliciousness to engender such prejudice-however I feel on balance it is better for people like him to be free to express himself without hindrance -as to all thinking,decent people it shows such ignorance as glaringly obvious.

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  15. It’s interesting how Littlejohn’s anti-disabled claptrap is ok, but the Mail is getting all moral and righteous about Frankie Boyle’s TV show.

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