Scrapbook wouldn’t want to ruin your break by advising you to watch all sixteen minutes (sixteen minutes!) of Nick Griffin “umming” and “erring” his way through a poorly prepared Christmas message, so we’ve tried to cobble together our own highlights from it. Describing 2010 as “a really tough year” for the BNP, he’s not much of a jolly St. Nick:

Despite the aforementioned “tough year”, Griffin reckons that “public regard for our party is higher than ever”. Unfortunately, roughly fifteen seconds of Googling proves this to be untrue. In the 2009 European elections they received 943,598 votes (6.2%) across Britain, whereas in this year’s General Election they received only 514,819 votes (0.7%). Only a 45% collapse in votes on a much higher turnout, Nick.

Griffin goes onto talk about the way in which those nasty, evil big parties collect data to contact people and shamelessly try and make them vote for them, using “the database system they’ve got, literally hoovering up names and addresses”. That’ll be one of them new-fangled metaphorical literal hoovers, probably.

Obviously, when the BNP has one, it’s ok. It’s even got a nice English name. The one’s the other parties have are probably foreign, whilst theirs is “called Alfred”. It’s not clear whether this is named after Alfred, son of Ethelred, who left England for Normandy in 1013 and never came back, or King Alfred the Great, who tried to form strong relations with foreign powers – especially in India and Baghdad.

You may have heard (well, from us) that Griffin announced his intention to stand in the Oldham East by-election only to get cold feet. Here, he reveals the reason why he didn’t: on the day he “should’ve been going to get some photos taken in the constituency” he was “quite simply, snowed in”. He talks about being snowed in for a little too long and a little too defensively… Surely he’s not worried about yet another humiliating election defeat?

Now, for a so-called Christmas message, you’d think that the Christian religious festival might be a central theme – but Griffin’s round-up of his party’s annus horribilis focusses more on the legal battles the BNP have had to face…

…and he mentions Christmas just once.

  1. “In the 2009 European elections they received 943,598 votes (6.2%) across Britain, whereas in this year’s General Election they received only 514,819 votes (0.7%). Only a 45% collapse in votes on a much higher turnout, Nick.”

    In the EURO elections there are a limited number of seats and therefore a limited number of candidates needed to cover Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The BNP was an option in every constituency, which is how it could win 900,000 votes. At the General Election the BNP had to field candidates for every seat, but it could only get candidates for about half of the 650 or so available seats. If it had fought for every seat, it probably could have reached 900,000 votes as in the EURO elections. So really, we’re lucky that the BNP is incompetent and couldn’t afford to fight in every constituency.

  2. You know that comparing Euro and GE results is stupid. Turnout is half that of GEs, and in 2009 UKIP came, er, second.

  3. It’s lucky really Griffin is an idiot otherwise the BNP could easy end up being a Third political party as the Liberals move back to being the Tories.

    For me at the bottom of the pile voting Labour or Tory now that the Liberal have return to the old way, well not a hell left to vote for.

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