Let’s hope David Cameron doesn’t have two embarrassing rejections today. For, on the day it is announced whether England will host the 2018 World Cup, poor Dave has been told he can’t listen to his favourite band… by one of their members.

Cameron has long claimed to be a big fan of 1980s Manchester four-piece The Smiths (who are so called for the ordinariness of the name). But earlier today, the band’s guitarist (and big football fan)┬áJohnny Marr had clearly had enough of the Prime Minister tarnishing the band’s good name, tweeting:

This isn’t the first time Cameron has been shot down by his musical heroes. In May 2008, the Old Etonian said ‘The Eton Rifles’ by The Jam was one of his favourite songs, to which Jam frontman Paul Weller retorted:

“Which part of it didn’t he get? It wasn’t intended as a fucking jolly drinking song for the cadet corps.”

Don’t worry Dave, Scrapbook is sure Phil Collins won’t mind you liking him.

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  19. Must be tough having the pleasure of being a rich musician and yet have the political beliefs of your average 1980s student.

    Am I allowed to enjoy How Soon is Now and Girlfriend in a Coma and yet live now in middle class Buckinghamshire?

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  24. That’s brilliant stuff By Mr Marr. Reminds me of when Bob Marshall Andrews MP harangued a racist constituent saying “I forbid you to vote for me”

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