It’s possible some people are still unaware that James Naughtie called Jeremy Hunt a c*** live on BBC Radio 4 this morning. The Today Programme presenter then struggled to outline headlines on WikiLeaks, high speed broadband and shark attacks owing to barely stifled laughter:

“I landed in one of those awful verbal tangles just before 8 O’Clock, courtesy of Dr. Spooner. Some of you, we know from emails, thought it funny; some of you, we also know from emails, were fairly offended on a Monday morning. All I can say is occasionally in live broadcasting these things happen and I’m very sorry to anyone who thought it wasn’t what they wanted to hear over their breakfast.”

One assumes the 50% of DCMS staff facing redundancy were perfectly happy to hear this over their breakfast or, indeed, at any other time of day.

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  16. Despite the email they got at the end of the Today show, in fact Freud’s theory of parapraxis has excellent explanatory power. We often disclose the true state of our desires through bungled actions, misspeaks etc.

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