Those who haven’t yet visited the new False Economy website will have missed this excellent video in support of their crowd-sourced anti cuts campaign. Great writing, high production values and eye catching kinetic typography make for compelling viewing:

Directed by Lucian Evans and presented by actor Sam West, we hope this isn’t the last such project from the False Economy team.

It makes most party political broadcasts look like BTEC media studies coursework.

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  11. C'llr. Rupert Read says:

    This is great!
    However, it is too bad that it falls into the old ‘Let’s have more economic growth’ mantra as part of the solution. That’s SOOOOOOOOOOO 20th century.

  12. I have seen this video on many progressive sites
    but only just know (as you suggested) watched it

    Bloody Brilliant !!!!!!

    Thank you for making me find the 2 mins to watch it

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