Perhaps our memory is playing tricks, but Scrapbook can’t recall seeing any pride flags at English Defence League events. Yesterday, however, saw EDL joint-leader Tommy Robinson (above) casting himself as an unlikely ally of the LGBT community.

Interviewed by Sky News about a prospective ban on the visit of Muslim-hating pastor Terry Jones to the UK, Robinson cited regular trips to Britain by homophobic Islamist preachers and asked “is free speech only for muslims?”

We have preachers of hate flying into thie country regularly – week in, week out – promoting homophobia, homophobic views, anti-democratic views, just promoting hatred.

One problem: you can’t criticise others for being anti-gay when the person you’ve invited to these shores is, erm, a massive homphobe:

In March, Jones’ so-called Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida posted a YouTube video which decried the possibility of an openly-gay mayor and a lawn sign saying, “No Homo Mayor”. A month later, his congregation participated in a joint protest against homosexuality with the Westboro Baptist Church, a group known for disrupting the funerals of American soldiers.

Perhaps Pastor Jones can join the other nutters by protesting at Wootton Bassett?

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  18. Well the left are playing the same game, proclaiming to be the upholders of gay and feminist rights while bending over any way they can for votes from muslim blocs whom also have members within their community that disrupt servicemens activities.

    So er yeah lol your fucked either way.

    But in the spirit of freedom of speech he should be allowed to come here.

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  21. I went and had a look at the forum for the EDL just to see what sort of people posted there and do you know what, there are posters on the forum who openly declare that they are gays and lesbians. There is even talk of having a gay division.

  22. Um, isn’t he just saying that if a muslim homophobe is allowed to speak here then their christian homophobe should be allowed in too?

    Repugnant? Yes. Inconsistent? Not really.

  23. @Bob: “Um, isn’t he just saying that if a muslim homophobe is allowed to speak here then their christian homophobe should be allowed in too?”

    No he isn’t just saying that. He’s criticising their homophobic views too. Check out the clip again.

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