One for the “PMQs as theatre” category from Kerry McCarthy today, who asked David Cameron which Smiths song students should listen to in the wake of the impending tuition fees vote.

Morrissey – who once railed against Thatcher with the song Margaret on the Guillotine – this week joined former Smiths band mate Johnny Marr to forbid Cameron from liking his favourite group.

While coalition partners burn their idols, it seems Cameron’s idols would rather burn him.

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  6. @Guido: Try any of the threads on fees. RANDOM BUT SERIOUS POINT ALERT … In terms of subcultures on the UK blogosphere the right wing sites tend to have long comment threads where as the vibrancy/shrillness (delete as appropriate) on the left is found on Twitter, a function of Twitter being zeitgeist when the left finally got its act together online. Controversial lefty articles are mobbed by right wingers in the comments but conservative bloggers will find themselves attacked on Twitter.

    As for the utility of the comment thread on Order Order … 😉

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