“Half the people that work for me are spurs fans”, David Cameron told the BBC while predicting the results of this weekend’s Premier League fixtures. This includes one Andy Coulson, who no doubt gave Cameron some, erm, assistance with his punditry.

The PM’s looming defeat against Mark Lawrenson is yet another departure from the script in a week where the disappointing results of the Word Cup 2018 bid coincided with all-too-convenient footage of Dave cheering England appearing on YouTube.

With Auntie awarding one point for a correct result and three for the score, Scrapbook will update this predictions table after the Liverpool/Aston Villa game on Monday. Lawro currently leads Cameron 8 points to 7:

MatchResultMark Lawrenson (BBC)David Cameron
Arsenal v Fulham2-12-12-1
Birmingham v Tottenham1-11-10-1
Blackburn v Wolverhampton3-01-10-1
Chelsea v Everton1-12-12-1
Man City v Bolton1-02-12-0
Wigan v Stoke2-21-22-1
Blackpool v Man UtdPOSTPONED0-31-0
West Brom v Newcastle3-12-11-1
Sunderland v West Ham1-01-11-0
Liverpool v Aston VillaMONDAY 8PM2-10-6
8pts 7pts

The Tory front benches comprise numerous toffs with a tin ear for the white van culture they rode to power on. One assumes this isn’t the last cringe-worthy stunt designed to transform Dave into “one of the lads”.

Perhaps he has been listening to Arctic Monkeys recently?

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