Having played an instrumental role in the resurgence of the UK left online, Scrapbook’s favourite policy-wonk-cum-blogger is leaving Left Foot Forward for think tank land. Will Straw will take up the post of Associate Director for Strategic Development at Labour-linked IPPR.*

Joining the more established group blogs Liberal Conspiracy, LabourList and Liberal Democrat Voice, the arrival of Left Foot Forward (and now Labour Uncut) heralded a more keen competition for the steadily increasing centre left audience. The growing quality of the left’s online offering over the past 18 months owes much to Straw and the excellent team he has built at LFF.

The vibrancy and dynamism of opposition blogs was reflected in a post-election “changing of the guard”, with lefties finally trumping Iain Dale et al in Wikio rankings. As Guido takes much pleasure in pointing out, however, we aren’t there yet in the traffic stakes:

Having built a platform, this is the next big challenge for LFF’s new acting editor Shamik Das and the rest of the left.

*No we won’t be spelling it in lower case. It looks silly.

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