On ConservativeHome this morning Mark Wallace has a rather unimaginative pop at the (Labour) leader of his native Lambeth. As Adam Bienkov observes, “It’s good to see the former campaign director of the Taxpayers’ Alliance is no longer hiding his party allegiance”. Naturally, Wallace’s former boss in Tufton Street cut his political teeth working for a string of Conservative MPs and was awarded the Conservative Way Forward “One of Us” award in 2007.

So the TaxPayers’ Alliance are a bunch of Tories.

In other news, a bear was seen entering a wooded area this morning.

  1. Political Scrapbook in “failing to read ConHome regularly” shock….you should probably note that this is the latest in a series of ConservativeHome Local Government columns that I’ve written weekly for the last two years, in which I’ve criticised councils of all parties where they do the wrong thing.

    On the substantive issue, wouldn’t you agree there’s a moral imperative to reduce public spending on non-essential areas in order to shelter the truly vulnerable from cuts wherever possible?

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  7. Tax payers Alliance never said a word about Camerons photographer etc
    not a word on their close mate eric Pickles new £70,000 specially adapted ministerial car

    strange that

    maybe because Pickles speakes on their platforms when the Freedom Association nutters cannot make it

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