After nine local schools were marked as unaffected only later to be informed their programmes would be axed, the West Midlands borough of Sandwell became the public face of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) fiasco. Schools affected received personal apologies from a blundering Michael Gove but this is sadly not the end of the matter.

At PMQs this week, local Tory James Morris had a choice to stick up for his community or suck up to David Cameron. Guess what he did?

Sandwell metropolitan borough, part of which I represent, has very high levels of deprivation. Can the Prime Minister reassure the children and parents from schools in Sandwell that the Government, particularly with their pupil premium policy, are on the side of children and families in Sandwell?

What mane-haired Morris conveniently failed to mention are the seven Sandwell schools waiting to discover whether their apparently “unaffected” projects¬†will in fact suffer 40% cuts to their programme.

Great patsy question.

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  3. Martin Prestidge says:

    SAndwell gave iot’s answer on Thursday when Labour had a 16per cent swing in Wednesbury North gaining a “safe” Tory seat in the Council by election.

  4. Martin is right. Sandwell forms only a small part of this Bryan Ferry lookalike’s constituency and PMQ’s was being used as a piece of blatant electioneering for the by-election the following day.

    Fat lot of good it did him, you would have thought education was the last thing they wanted to mention anyway, and Labour won the seat the Tories had held for 36 years!

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