Political Scrapbook has climbed a massive 26 places to enter the Top 10 political blogs in the UK in a month which has seen Iain Dale finally toppled from the “number one spot” by Liberal Conspiracy. Left Foot Forward – who broke the news this afternoon – also overtook Labour’s blogging bête noire Guido Fawkes in rankings compiled by Wikio.

Publishing the exclusive figures, Will Straw wrote:

With the Tories now in power, the Wikio rankings may be seen as a changing of the guard in the political blogosphere. Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes – who made their names as opponents of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – have had less to write about since May with Dale far quieter than he has been in the past … Left-wing blogs now make up five of the top 10 political blogs.

The top political blogs for November (extracted from a general Top 20) are as follows:

  1. Liberal Conspiracy (+1)
  2. Left Foot Forward (+3)
  3. Iain Dale’s Diary (-2)
  4. Guy Fawkes’ blog (-1)
  5. LabourList (+1)
  6. ConservativeHome (+1)
  7. Liberal Democrat Voice (-3)
  8. Labour Uncut (+13)
  9. Political Scrapbook (+26)
  10. Paul Waugh (nc)
  11. Next Left (-2)
  12. Benedict Brogan (+23)
  13. Tom Harris (-5)
  14. Nick Robinson (+17)

Great to see so-called “Blogger of the Year” Nick Robinson bringing up the rear.

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