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  114. Okay, colour me cynical. But this is being portrayed as a riot by the press right? Then why are all the people in the background holding cameras? This looks more and more like a staged photo-op than anything else.

    If it was a riot, where are the rioters? I can only see one. This is a set up. The composition is too good for it to be anything but staged.

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  124. Notice the wide cordon aroun the ‘protestor’, behind which are the crowds of…photographers. Sometimes it seems there’s more press than protestors at these events.

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  150. The Express one looks different to the others too, there’s more crowd at the bottom and the guy behind the main guy isn’t there. It might be the same as the Guardian one though, too small to tell.

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  163. Agent Provocateur so blatant. Now the Police will once again be able to use heavy handed tactics. This violence takes all thoughts away about the real issues. Divide and conquer same old rules. Now what would the headlines of been if that incident had not happened

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  177. Good spot and not unusual for all the press to use exactly the same image – you can usually spot on the evening news which picture will be in all the next day’s papers.

    Also, sadly, we could have predicted that the press would have told the story from a frame of young people out of control; something the largely 50+ newspaper audience should be frightened of.

    A bit like rising house prices always being portrayed as a good thing!

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  179. My husband Dom took the shot that featured on many of the front pages this morning. The Guardian snap was taken by a photographer stood next to him, and you can see the back of Dom’s head in the pic on the front of the Express, so unless he has some impressive skills as a contortionist that he hasn’t told me about, then I suspect it wasn’t his either. It was still a proud day in the Lipinski household (although as he’s a staff photographer not any more financially rewarding than any other day…)

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  183. We don’t know whether the window-smasher is an anarchist or not, so please don’t call them that. Although many anarchists would probably be prepared to do something like this, so would many other people with a range of political viewpoints, or with no defined overall political viewpoint.

    Anarchism is not simply the practice of smashing stuff.

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  186. Hope you don’t mind I linked your article from my blog post. This photograph is even more hilarious considering the surrounding area which had people breaking out flasks, wondering where they could get their coach from, and shuffling down the street to get a pastry before watching the speeches.

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