Anyone wanting a semi-regular dose of the bizarre in their inbox should sign up for a Lord Ashcroft email alert. When not tabling brazen questions on tax the Tories’ former deputy chairman will focus on issues affecting British ocean territories, such as whether or not one can visit the Chagos Islands by sea or when St. Helena’s new airport will be completed.

Yesterday saw Scrapbook’s favourite Belizean (former) tax exile tackling yet another pressing issue of our age:

    To ask Her Majesty’s Government why citizens of the European Union are eligible for a National Rail senior railcard.[HL2775]
    To ask Her Majesty’s Government why non European Union citizens are eligible for a National Rail senior railcard.[HL2776]

Scrapbook applauds Ashcroft’s firm grip on the public interest with incisive questions on, erm, rail discounts foreign grannies. But we cannot help wondering …

… when was the last time the noble lord caught a train?

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  4. Why does it matter that this matter is comparatively minor? The question still needs to be asked. Would you prefer that a misplaced policy cause unnecessarily high fares for everyone else?

  5. Of course, EU citizens and non-EU citizens that have been working in the UK have contributed to the funding of rail travel, as well as supportive measures for pensioners, through their tax and national insurance.

    Perhaps the noble lord is confused because, even though he is a UK citizen, he didn’t?

  6. I suspect that Ashcroft is getting confused between the entitlement to concessionary travel which is funded by the taxpayer (such as London’s Freedom Pass) and a commercial decision by the rail industry to offer cheaper fares to a particular group of users to encourage them to make greater use of the system (such as a Senior Railcard).

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