They say a week is a long time in politics. Having highlighted the unfortunate Chris Kelly MP earlier this week*, Scrapbook is greatly amused to see his brazen publicity seeking backfire. One wonders whether the Dudley South MP will be so eager to hug his constituent and flamboyant X Factor star so close now the tabloid press have poured scorn on Wagner’s claims for incapacity benefit.

The Sun reports:

Despite entertaining millions of viewers for two months, social security chiefs have dished out cheques to the 54-year-old after he injured his shoulder last year … He is believed to have raked in at least £91.40 a week in benefits and is likely to have been eligible for further housing benefit cash.

To be absolutely fair to the “singer”, he had cleared his appearances on the TV talent competition:

A DWP source confirmed it was aware of Wagner’s claims and said he had done “nothing wrong”. The source continued: “He has kept the Jobcentre up to date about his singing. He is due to be re-assessed for his fitness.”

Given the rhetoric levelled at genuine benefit claimants by Conservatives, however, this entanglement is most amusing.

Should Snr Carrilho encounter any difficulties with the DWP, we understand his mate Chris Kelly runs regular surgeries.

*It’s not a good week for Kelly on the blogs. Labour Uncut are currently running with “Tory MP gets £4,000 pocket money a month from his Dad (for 8 hours work)”

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