Margaret “snatcher” Thatcher ended free school milk for children over seven. In his keynote speech today, David Cameron made a grab for childrens’ Tooth Fairy money.

In a series of lukewarm anecdotes, the prime minister announced plans to reduce the deficit with a 100% levy on transactions relating to milk teeth:

I got a letter from a six year old girl called Niamh with a pound coin stuck to it. And there was a note from her mum which said “Dear Mr Cameron… after hearing about the budget, Niamh wanted to send you her tooth fairy money to help.”

There we are, George – nearly there.

Hey, Cameron, leave those kids alone!

Hat-tip: Laurie Penny

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  22. Little known fact: Edward Short, Labour Education Secretary in 1968, phased out free school milk for 11-18 year olds. Fortunately his name does not rhyme with anything involving theft. Unfortunately for him he remains rather anonymous otherwise.

    Thatcher then removed the free provision for 7-11 year olds. But then, magically, by the time she returned to power, the free milk for the 5, 6 and 7 year olds had gone too. And not by her. So Thatcher removed 4 years of milk provision, Edward Short did for 7 years worth of milk, and somebody else (quite probably Shirley Williams under Callaghan, though I am prepared to be corrected) did for the rest.

    I make that 4 plays 10 in Tory vs. Labour ‘Milk Cuts’. But nothing like a good slogan, eh?

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  30. justine poole says:

    @ David Wickes.
    Actually key stage 1 children (5,6,7 yr olds) do currently get free school milk – But for how much longer?

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