Ed Miliband’s new shadow cabinet team has an average age of 50.0 compared to 51.25 for their Coalition counterparts, Scrapbook has calculated. Using birth dates – as opposed to the age at last birthday – produces a more accurate picture.

Youngest front benchers

Alexander: youngest front bencher

Perhaps at odds with Ed Miliband’s claim to lead a “new generation”, the three youngest front benchers in the Commons are from the coalition. A total of five front benchers were born after Ted Heath defeated Harold Wilson in the general election of June 1970:

  1. Danny Alexander (38.4 years)
  2. George Osborne (39.4)
  3. Sayeeda Warsi (39.6)
  4. Sadiq Khan (40.03)
  5. Liam Byrne (40.04)

Oldest front benchers

Clarke: eating hats keeps him young at heart

Notwithstanding a potential government U-turn on eligibility, five Labour shadows could apply for free bus passes as opposed to two of the current Cabinet. Four front benchers were alive during Clement Attlee’s reforming post-war government.*

  1. Ken Clarke (70.3 years)
  2. Vince Cable (67.5)
  3. Tessa Jowell (63.1)
  4. Peter Hain (60.7)
  5. Alan Johnson (60.4)

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*His chancellor for the 1950 general election was Stafford Cripps, in case Kay Burley was wondering.

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  7. You’ve neglected George Young from your list of oldest frontbenchers. At 69 he’s almost up there with Ken.

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