In a move which didn’t pass unnoticed by lovers of irony, Rupert Murdoch departed from the fevered anti-immigration rhetoric pumped out by his very own Fox News this week to argue in favour of amnesty for “illegals”, ahem sorry, “responsible, law abiding immigrants who are in the US without proper authority”.

Under questioning from Democrat congresswoman Linda Sánchez, Murdoch – himself an immigrant from Australia – claimed hilariously that:

“We are not anti-immigrant on Fox News”

Does he even watch his own TV station?

Hat-tip: Paul Canning

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  2. What happened to that story about Derek Simpson and the Unite bash? I came on to post that it wasn’t Derek Simpson you circled (as any google images search would have shown you) but it’s now magically disappeared. Sometimes it’s better to admit mistakes than try pretend they never happened – it always comes to bit you on the ass!

    For what it’s worth, the guy you did circle, supposedly threw a right hissy fit because he wanted to introduce Ed and Tony Woodley did it instead. It turned into a right bitch fight supposedly!

  3. It’s a fair cop! The bloke we circled was actually Howard Turner, chair of the National Political Committee. As I said to the commenter that pointed this out: “I suppose that’s what we get for relying on blurry camera phone images.”

    This nails it:

    We did look on Google images but there are too many jowl-ey middle aged men in the union movment. The way the lighting fell on Turner it even made him look like he had thinning hair!

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  6. lmao, I have to be honest they look nothing alike!! And how can you not know what Derek Simpson looks like? He’s our new overlord now after all! 😛

    Anyway, the real story was more about, like I say, there was a cat fight between the union guys over who was going to introduce Ed. Bless!


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