Ten days after a Navy pilot confronted confronted David Cameron over plans to scrap Sea Harriers, RAF personnel have been threatened with the sack for joining anti-cuts Facebook groups, Scrapbook can reveal. Lieutenant Commander Kris Ward embarrassed the Prime Minister during a visit to the Northwood airbase when he asked [video]:

I am a Harrier pilot and I have flown 140-odd missions in Afghanistan, and I am now potentially facing unemployment. How am I supposed to feel about that, please, sir?

It would now appear top brass are struggling to keep a lid on the concerns of both military personnel and civilian staff working as bases under threat. With fears growing for the future of Scotland’s RAF Lossiemouth, which could lose its Tornado fleet to RAF Marham in Norfolk, servicemen have started a campaign to save the facility in conjunction with local families, businesses and other supporters such as Ewan McGregor’s pilot brother Colin, who was stationed at the base for 11 years.

Banned: the "Save RAF Lossiemouth" Facebook page

However staff have been threatened with the sack simply for joining a “Save RAF Lossiemouth” Facebook page. In an email sent to all staff at the airbase, Station Commander Andy Hine said:

Very recently a serviceman from RAF Lossiemouth was involved in setting up a “Facebook” site entitled “Save RAF Lossiemouth and its local community” … Engaging in such activities without obtaining authorisation at the appropriate level may result in administrative or disciplinary action being taken, which in the most serious cases could ultimately lead to dismissal.

Outraged staff were also banned from attending support marches or rallies in an edict which raised the prospect of a “witch hunt” against those even commenting on the Facebook page:

With the base worth an estimated £1.7 million per week to the local economy, the loss would completely devastate the community.

The Moray Council’s opposition SNP and Labour Councillors joined forces this weekend to collect petition signatures on Elgin High Street.

No sign of the local Tories though!

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