Today in Cowley Street

A reader drew our attention to a most unsettling post on Liberal Democrat Voice using our anonymous contact form.

It seems that this is what the party of Lloyd George, Beveridge and Keynes are reduced to: intellectually dishonest tribal double think and weird infant fantasies.

Suffice it to say that Liberal Burbling’s Paul Walters won’t be invited to babysit any time soon.

I ought to declare an interest – indeed, make a confession – at this point. In the past I have not been able to see Ed Miliband without being overcome with an unusual private urge. I have seen the podgy face, the doe eyes and the trembling bottom lip (perhaps I imagined that last one) and I have been overwhelmed with the paternal instinct to land him face down on a plastic mat, sprinkle on the talcum powder  and apply a fresh pair of Super-absorbent Junior Trainer Pampers.

Perhaps child protection agency Ceop should install a “panic button” on Lib Dem Voice before they are merged?

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