With their commitments on tuition fees reduced to smouldering ashes, it seems that the Libereral Democrat manifesto bonfire continues apace! Having spent years railing against a new generation of nuclear power plants, eight prospective sites for precisely that were announced last week by energy secretary Chris Huhne.

And it’s great to see they’ve even got around to updating some of their websites. The “No to Nuclear Power” microsite was a flagship implementation of their (rather good) ourCampaign system. Starring, erm, energy secretary Chris Huhne, the page has mysteriously vanished from the internets in the last week. Luckily, Scrapbook had alreadt grabbed a copy for posterity:

An article on Lib Dem Voice this week counsels that campaign videos should be “valuable”, “visual” and “visible”:

Make sure it gets seen or no-one will watch it. It sounds obvious, but you need to put your video about. Embed it on your website or blog, and encourage others to do the same. Link to it in your local emails or on Twitter. Add relevant tags to help it to get picked up in YouTube’s search results and related videos.

In the respect of “putting the video about” one assumes Mr. Huhne may regret following this advice so closely:

A sniff of power and Lib Dem MPs are literally queueing up (in division lobbies) to burn their idols.

Next stop for Nick Clegg’s iconoclasts? Control orders!

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  63. Sorry, but can we not forget that coalitions have to invovve a word called ‘compromise’. If the country thought that Labour were doing so well, why did the election come up with the result it did?

    Yes, we were going into recession, not only due to the situation with banks, but some of the spending. To add to that, Gordon Brown knew how to create growth as Chancellor, but his leading skills as PM were rubbish. People are fickle in the modern age, a PM merely has to look the part, talk the talk and have bloody good ‘spin doctors’, oh and powerful media friends.

    Would a Labour government, if elected in May, considered a CSR? Doubt it. A good politician knows that something like this was necessary ages ago. Doesn’t win an election though does it? No wonder some people think politicians are liars, the media keep making the public think that way….

    Did someone piss off a powerful banking organisation, to make them tell their mate, the owner of a certain newspaper about something they knew about MP’s claiming for stupid arse shit, such as moats and that. He/She would obviously emphasise in the passing conversation, at some exclusive club, about how ridiculous it was given that the MP’s f***ed him over in the first place….

    Incidentally, the argument for or against nuclear power has equally valid opinions, such as the lessened carbon footprint to create our electricity demands but the very small risk of the station exploding as it did in Russia. In a small country like this millions of people will die.

    The realistic chances of all nuclear power stations being shut down within the next term of office are about as likely as a politician not gesticulating at any point within a 24 hour period when talking politics. Therefore because of this, the LibDems were willing to COMPROMISE – remember that word and NEGOTIATE, an agreement on topics that they politically differed on, to form a government giving two opposition parties an opportunity to gesticulate in the Common’s, laugh at each othe, wave bits of paper and generally get their own back on the opposition cause they want to be in control of stuff. Insular attitudes?

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