Harriet Harman’s oddly personal (but nonetheless amusing) attack on Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, whom she called a “ginger rodent”, has generated a minor storm for which she’s been forced to apologise.

Some commentators have been highlighting the hypocrisy of a life-long champion of equality mocking a man for a physical trait. Others like Mike Smithson have suggested that Labour might have lost the ginger vote (because we all know ginger people all vote in a block.) However not content to stand on the sidelines and chuckle the SNP rolled out comely redhead Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP to condemn the remark as “anti Scottish”:

“Scotland probably has the highest proportion of redheads in the world”

Perhaps the SNP would do well to heed the wisdom of Napoleon Bonaparte:

Never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake.

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  4. Wilhemina Bothwell says:

    The labour party are turning out to be spiteful, malicious, untruthful, repugnant fools… I think it a serious accusation to call anyone a fool. They are proving to be fools.

    Does Harriet Harman have a personality disorder? A serious question, not an insult.

  5. Gingerism exists. She wouldn’t have called Baroness Warsi a ‘Black Rat’. So she shouldn’t call Danny Alexander a Ginger rodent.

    Better to attack the ConDem government on policy rather than prejudice

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  7. Wilhemina Bothwell is spot on. Quite simply, Labour are unravelling. A review of Harriet Harperson’s messaging is v.long overdue considering what else she’s also been coming out with in Parliament. Shambolic.

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  9. A Joke Bob? Can people with red hair and pale skin choose it? Anymore than someone with black curly hair and black skin? What else should she make a joke about at conference to get attention? That all women are gagging for it really you just have to persuade them hard enough?

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