Dispatches’ expose on David Cameron’s top spinner Andy Coulson is to be screened in a few moments on Channel 4:

“Dispatches examines allegations that during Andy Coulson’s time as editor of News of the World, phone hacking was a routine practice at the paper and carried out with his knowledge.

Political journalist Peter Oborne investigates the paper’s working relationship with the police and claims of undue influence together with claims of intimidation against politicians, and explores the broader links between News International and the current government.”

The lack of coverage from the some of the mainstream media has raised eyebrows. Shamik Das reports for Left Foot Forward:

“Despite being press released well in advance, hardly any media outlets are running the story – it only appears in the GuardianMailIndependent and New Statesman. Not even the BBC is covering it … This is not the first time potentially damaging stories about Mr Coulson have been ignored by the BBC and the Murdoch empire. Last month, Left Foot Forward reported the media silence over similar claims about his involvement in phone tapping made in the New York Times.”

Scrapbook suspects David Cameron will live to regret these words:

“He’s one of my staff I take full responsibility for him.”

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  10. This dispatches programme , in my view , did at disservice toseriouis investigative journalism. It relied upon unsubstantiated allegations by persons none of whom had public images which would encourage immediate acceptance of whatever they had to say. It may be that the clumsily evident purpose of the programme may be achieved, but hopefully, not. I have no time for dishonesty and dissembling by anyone but I was deeply disappointed by the
    poor quality of this effort which would only be “worthy” of a tabloid rag.

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