What is it about William Hague and baseball caps?! While we at Scrapbook feel genuine sympathy for the Foreign Secretary and his (admittedly) very handsome former special adviser surely the real story hear is Hague’s dubious headgear?

One would have thought that following the ribbing he received after being photographed having a gay old time in a baseball cap in 1997 he would have shunned that particular look. However Hague has once again found himself in a tricky spot after being photographed in that item of headwear.

Perhaps Scrapbook readers can suggest more appropriate hats for the Foreign Secretary.

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  5. The Libertines sang ‘There are fewer more distressing sights than that/Of an Englishman in a baseball cap’ and while Doherty is an idiot, there has never been a truer word spoken about this distasteful satorial choice.

    The SPAD on the otherhand, dank.

  6. Trouble with him, though, is he’s got such a wide head. He looked crap in a cap, sure, but would he look any better in a more gentlemanly hat? I guess he could get them tailored (millinered?) so they’d fit properly.

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