As suggested in an interview with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakly on Daybreak today, Tony Blair has now cancelled his book signing at Waterstone’s Piccadilly this week.

Chiles: With the book signings, they’re getting more and more lively judging by what we saw in Dublin. I don’t get why you’re doing them. The point of a book signing is to flog books. The book is flying off the shelves. So why bother?

Blair: In Dublin it’s a classic example. The people that come and protest are a small minority. Far more people come to have their book signed but the ones that do the protesting are the ones that get all the publicity. To be frank, I’m concerned. I don’t want to put everyone through a lot of cost and hassle on this Wednesday’s signing

Objects thrown at the former Prime Minister in Dublin included shoes. As Tom Harris quipped over the weekend:

“Let’s hope they weren’t laced with anything.”

Hat-tip: Total Politics

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