UPDATE: As Jon Bernstein points out at The Staggers, this clip is not from the last few days but from July 2009 when the scandal also reared its ugly head. It’s still well worth a watch though.

With the Murdoch stable in the UK looking the other way on Andy Coulson it comes as something of a surprise to see Fox Business News putting their proprietor on the spot over News Of The World phone hacking. British-American anchor Stuart Varney’s exchange with the Dirty Digger may be slightly fawning but he did have the┬ácojones to open up the interview below with a line of questioning that Murdoch clearly wasn’t expecting:

Stuart Varney: Mr. Chairman, thanks very much for joining us. We appreciate it, Sir … The story that is really buzzing all around the country and certainly here in New York is that the News Of The World, a News Corporation Newspaper in Britain, used… [interrupted]

Rupert Murdoch: I’m not talking about that issue at all today, I’m sorry.

SV: Okay. No worries, Mister Chairman that’s fine with me!

RM: I’m too far removed out of here.

Perhaps not a great career move on the part of Mr. Varney.

Hat-tip: Alan Rusbridger

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