A Liberal Democrat researcher found herself on the pages of The Mail on Sunday this weekend after reportedly being quizzed “several times” by security agency MI5. While Mike Hancock’s Russian researcher may be known to spooks as Katia Zatuliveter she is familiar to fellow parliamentary bag carriers as “mad candle girl”.

Katia’s penchant for lighting candles while preparing research briefs for the left-wing (possible defector) Mike Hancock has, erm, burned an impression on colleagues. Chaos was brought to 1 Parliament Street as the entire building was evacuated when the aroma of apple and lavender set off the fire alarms.

Though some say it’s her boss that likes the candles.

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    All the nice girls love a candle,
    All the nice girls love a wick,
    For there’s something about a candle
    Which reminds them of a prick.
    Nice and greasy, slips in easy,
    It’s a girl’s pride and joy,
    It’s been up our Lady Jane
    And it’s going up again,
    Ship ahoy, ship ahoy.

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