Glasgow University’s Masters Degree in Political Communication is very highly regarded indeed. Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon would have done well to send someone from her office back to her alma mater to enroll in this course.

Ms. Sturgeon’s brand-spanking new website which she proudly boasted about yesterday devotes a whole page to some of the sharpest criticisms of the SNP Government and the Scottish Labour Party’s flagship campaigns. The three questions she attempts to answer with lengthy missives are:

1. “Why did the SNP cancel the Glasgow Airport Rail link?”

2. “Why are you against Labour’s plan for a mandatory jail sentence for people who carry a knife?”

3. “I live in Govanhill and I’m fed up of the way the area is being run down. What are you going to do about it?”

With Nicola Sturgeon going round reminding everyone of the SNP’s failings local Labour Candidate Stephen Curran is in for an easy election.

Maybe she’ll deliver his direct mails for him too!

  1. Jesus wept – who’s drafting this stuff for her?

    It’s not rocket science (it’s barely comms): “Why can’t Scotland afford the Glasgow Airport Rail Link?” would have nicely teed up her anti-English diatribe about North Sea oil…

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