Following on from Scrapbook’s earlier post about the runners and riders for the post of Shadow Scottish Secretary we thought we’d take a look at the contenders for the Wales job.

Unlike its Scottish counterpart which has seen holders of the post propelled to lofty positions like Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary, or tipped as a potential Foreign Secretary, Labour Welsh Secretaries are more likely to be propelled to the backbenches, or worse-still Clapham Common. It’s little wonder therefore that of the three Welsh MPs in contention for the Shadow Cabinet: Peter Hain; Chris Bryant; and Kevin Brennan – nobody wants the job!

Its widely thought that of the three Peter Hain will be the one who struggles to get elected to the ShadCab, with the prevailing sentiment amongst the PLP being that he’s part of a generation whose time is up. But Scrapbook has it on good authority that Bryant and Brennan are both desperate to see Hain elected to the Shadow Cabinet so that neither of them are stuck with the Wales job.

Of course political favours will be doled out by the victorious leadership candidate: with Bryant backing David Miliband; Hain backing Ed Miliband; and Brennan backing Ed Balls.

More than likely for whomever gets the Wales job it’ll be a punishment.

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