Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson has declared he is to run for the Shadow Cabinet in the forthcoming elections. It had previously been thought that Mr. Johnson would follow top-cabinet colleagues like Alastair Darling and Jack Straw in stepping back from the political front line.

Johnson’s decision could potentially scupper the Shadow Cabinet plans of leadership contenders as it would be hard to sideline such a high profile and popular figure. Since Scrapbook last covered the Shadow Cabinet elections it has become increasingly clear who the major players are and what jobs they fancy.

In the event of a Miliband (D) victory Douglas Alexander is being lined up as a potential Shadow Foreign Secretary, with fellow Scot (and campaign organiser)┬áJim Murphy being considered for either Defence or Work and Pensions.Harriet Harman is rumoured to be getting the Justice brief regardless of who wins, and though he fancies the Shadow Chancellorship speculation is rife that Ed balls is being lined up as a Shadow Home Secretary – a prospect that may have been scuppered by Johnson’s announcement.

Top posts are filling up fast.

And this is before trying to squeeze in whichever of the Milibrothers comes second.

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  7. Dear God. Yes I know that I don’t believe in you but just in case you do exist please will you grant me this one prayer? If you do, then I promise that I will stop shouting LYING BASTARD! whenever your representative on earth (T Blair esq) appears on TV.

    OK, so here’s the request. Please do not allow Andy Burnham to become the Labour shadow Health Secretary. He’s utterly useless and has shown that he is incapable of challenging that bruiser, Lansley. The NHS is too important to allow someone as useless as Burnham to defend it.

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