Labour’s Shadow Cabinet elections got busier again yesterday with at least two more hopefuls (including Mike Gapes and Wayne David) sending out emails to their parliamentary colleagues. Following changes to the PLP rules women can count on a minimum of seven places at the top table. Including Harriet Harman this means a minimum of six will be elected from the Commons, as shown below:

Though the proportion of women running for shadow cabinet is approximately the same as the men, there are far fewer female incumbents looking for a return. Yvette Cooper and Tessa Jowell are the only two women from the Brown ministry seeking election to the shadow cabinet, in addition to Rosie Winterton, who has been shadowing the Leader of the House of Commons following Harriet Harman’s temporary¬†accession¬†to the leadership.

Amongst the men, however, there are 14 male incumbents expected to run for a maximum of 13 places (see above). Scrapbook understands that the likes of Steven Twigg, Chris Bryant and David Lammy have worked the new intake hard making it increasingly likely that a number of incumbent shadow cabinet males won’t win election in a few weeks.

Therefore if you’re a female member of the Parliamentary Labour Party your chances of promotion are far greater than if you’re a man.

Here’s hoping they’re not just window dressing!

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