Labour MP John Mann is to hand over the majority of his shadow cabinet votes to his local constituency party, Scrapbook can reveal.

Earlier in the summer Mann organised a primary vote on the Labour leadership, sending ballot papers to 16,000 voters identified as Labour supporters in his Bassetlaw Constituency. On a 32% turnout Bassetlaw backed David Miliband with just over half of all first preference votes – which resulted in Mann switching his support from Ed Miliband to David.

Continuing in this spirit of consultation Mann is balloting his Constituency Labour Party (CLP) on how he should cast 10 of his 19 shadow cabinet votes. The member for Bassetlaw is inviting candidates CVs to send out with ballot papers – which should make for interesting reading!

Scrapbook understands Mann’s next primary will be to decide how he votes in the X-Factor live finals.

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