The Liberal Democrats’ very own court jester Lembit Opik was temporarily refused entry to their party conference this evening, according to Guardian deputy editor Ian Katz and Guido Fawkes. Delegates reported the former Montgomeryshire MP attempted the “don’t you know who I am” routine to unimpressed guards: “If he hasn’t got the paperwork he hasn’t got the paperwork”.

The incident recalls a similar episode from last year’s Labour conference in Brighton, where Peter Mandelson was held up for ten minutes while security officials checked his credentials.

Peter Mandelson was denied entry to Labour conference in 2009

It was essential that Peter Mandelson be given a working pass in 2009 as he would give an acclaimed speech to delegates the next day.

It was essential that Lembit Opik be given a working pass in 2010 as he plans to give an acclaimed speech to an attractive female researcher later tonight.

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