Scrapbook plans to bookend Labour’s leadership contest with a series of caption competitions featuring the five contenders. Entries we canvassed privately for this snap from Ed Miliband’s rally at Haverstock School include:

“This is the hand I spank David with” and …

“Will you give me your second preference?”

We are confident, however, that our readers are much more witty. You can leave your entries in the comments.

One would assume Mili-D supporters will have some ideas!

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  3. “…And THAT’S when I realised that I look exactly like a character from Chicken Run, and they certainly got over the first hurdle..”

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  6. Ed: Hello, Right Hand.
    Right Hand: Hello, Ed. You know I think you’re the best Labour leadership candidate, Ed?
    Ed: Why, thank you, Right Hand.
    Right Hand: That’s not what Left Hand says, mind.
    Ed: Oh?
    Right Hand: He wants to vote for Diane.
    Ed: Has he been talking to Mum again?!… Oh, damnit! People are staring.

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  8. It appears from the above comments that your confidence that your “readers are much more witty” may have been misplaced.

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