The former former First Minister of Norther Ireland, the Rt. Hon Lord Paisley of Bannside travelled to Edinburgh yesterday to protest against the state visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley (whose ministry is almost as dubious as his doctorate) is no fan of the Roman Catholic church – this much he has made perfectly clear during his 40 year political career.

The reason given for Lord Bannside’s protest wasn’t disgust at the covering-up of child abuse, or the Pontiff’s previous membership of the Hitler Youth, or even his views on homosexuality (which he presumably shares) but rather the fact that his visit wasn’t debated in the House of Commons. Surprisingly, we here at Scrapbook wholly support Lord Paisley simply because we’d love to have witnessed more scenes like the provious Pope’s visit to the European Parliament in 1988:

You have to hand it to Cardinal Keith O’Brien though, who summed up the significance of Ian Paisley’s protest perfectly:

“if Ian Paisley didn’t come, I wouldn’t have thought the visit was worthwhile.”

Of course, Ian Paisley’s protest had nothing to do with his life long detestation of Roman Catholics!

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