Labour’s other internal election reached its conclusion this morning, with Ken Livingstone announced as the candidate for London Mayor. “Red” Ken’s name recognition amongst Londoners, proven track record in the capital, long-running campaign to get back into office and love of newts will all no doubt have played a big role in his reselection, which came with a huge 68.6% of the vote.

With a YouGov poll this week showing that Boris is still more popular than Livingstone and his beaten opponent Oona King put together, there is still plenty of work for Labour to do before the election in 2012.

Scrapbook isn’t convinced by the “Yes We Ken” slogan either.

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  3. Well, if King and Livingstone are the very best they can come up with – a smug Bliarite vs an enthusiast for left-wing or sectarian murderers – Bozza is in for another term.

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