Ed Miliband is the favoured candidate of LGBT Labour members, according to an exclusive poll by Pink News. Despite having the backing of high profile Labour gays like Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant, as well as many prominent LGBT activists, David Miliband is 11-points behind his younger brother. The news comes after the elder Miliband was shown to have a 28-point lead in a YouGov poll of general voters.

According to the poll Ed Miliband has the backing of 42% of LGBT members, with David Miliband on 31%. Diane Abbot, though ranked third with 16%, is the most popular candidate amongst LGBT non-members squeaking ahead of Ed Miliband with 36% to his 35%.

Team Abbott might well be scratching their heads wondering why their candidate is so popular with the broader gay community but not amongst the LGBT fraternity.

Perhaps Diane should have listened more closely to the homophobic lyrics of Buju Banton before chosing him as one of her ‘Desert Island Discs’.

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  16. Well, he does have a certain charm and endearing quality about him. He seems to have an openess and an ability to listen which is very attractive.

    I’m saying nothing about his big brother!

    Please support Black Triangle also. Fighting for the right to State support for peope with HIV as well! No to the DWP/ATOS “Disability Denial Factories”! Yes to an inclusive society in which all are equally valued and treasured!

    John McArdle
    Black Triangle
    Anti-Defamation Campaign
    In Defence of Disabled Claimants

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