Ta da! As promised during the week and as party conference season gets underway, we are launching our new redesign. Though our old theme (and Hogarth) have served Scrapbook well up to now we fancied something with a bit more legroom. Some areas are still in need of a spit and polish but we thought it was time to push our new creation into the sunlight, like Bambi on a frozen pond.

Improvements include:

  • A bolder design with bigger headlines and graphics.
  • A prominent “Top Story” link to a key news item of the day, which we definitely didn’t steal from Liberal Conspiracy.
  • A wider sidebar with more room for things like our new video player.
  • Numerous (very geeky) behind the scenes improvements, such as support for custom menus and post thumbnails.

We would really value feedback from readers. Do you love our new look or is it a festering pile of sh*t? Notification of things that aren’t working quite right would be particularly helpful.

Let us know in the comments.

  1. Very “busy” design.

    Move the “Political Scrapbook” masthead to the top.

    Haven’t you lost a MPU ad box? Should put that between first and second post for maximum value.

    Question the value of positioning Facebook’s box on a piece of prime real estate, I dumped Facebook once and for all. It keeps your content on Facebook and provides little in return traffic wise.


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  3. We’ve now changed the header as suggested. It looks much better, so thanks for the feedback.

    Guido: With the ad box below the first post, we’re currently working out how to achieve this with our Thematic child theme. As for Facebook, it’s our #3 referer behind Twitter and Google. Although some of this will be organic (not through our FB page) we still want to build out numbers. What else would we put there?

    Twigspan: What, in particular, don’t you like? Let us know as it’s perhaps something we can improve.

  4. Aside from the excellent and self styled “left wing news and gossip” one of my favourite features was the painting, in conjuncture with the jointy angled twitter/facebook/etc. buttons. Furthermore none of the new design matches up, there are no straight lines, the home tab and facebook box stick out. I had previously been very impressed by the simple, almost Swedish design of the previous site, as I had previously been a subscriber to Politicshome and been blinded at times.
    On the other hand I do like the twitter stream is an excellent feature.

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