UPDATE: Is this, as some have suggested, Gideon’s suit lining? We’re not sure as this is the cut of his other suits.

UPDATE II: It’s gone! The Mail have finally pulled the graphic from the original article. This is what suit lining should look like.

Yes, you read that post title correctly. The Daily Mail, owing substantially to a sidebar filled with up-skirt, down top, crotch shots and Christine Bleakley’s visible panty line, boasts the UK’s most popular newspaper website with 40 million unique readers each month. But it’s reassuring to see them catering to the appetites of its female readers with this risque rendering of our beloved Chancellor of the Exchequer.

At the time of writing (and 16 hours after the blooper went viral on Twitter) the following graphic is still available on the article “Lib Dems in revolt at Osborne’s plans to hit workshy with another £4bn in welfare cuts”:

That’s one more blue member for the Tories then.

Hat-tip: Sunny Hundal

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  28. Looks like it was the suit lining based on the other photos – but someone cut the background out and then brightened the photo, which probably inadvertently highlighted the dark lining in an interesting manner.

    Still, something any half-decent graphics editor should have spotted (dick) at a glance.

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