Benedict Brogan is among many to have observed, in relation to the growing rancour around Andy Coulson, that there is a big difference between investigative journalism and the hard, on-the-public-record evidence required for a prosecution:

“Nothing we have read or heard since the NYT published its report suggests there is enough new material to justify CPS charges” – Benedict Brogan

The only new eyewitness to have come forward, Sean Hoare, has been dismissed by Conservatives as a sacked NOTW hack with substance abuse problems and an axe to grind. But this picture may have changed this evening with the emergence of Ross Hall, who transcribed phone tapes while Andy Coulson was editor. Hall was unable to testify to a previous select committee inquiry as he was out of the UK.

The Guardian has the story:

Ross Hall, a former employee who until now has been silent, told the Guardian tonight he was willing to talk to Scotland Yard and to the newly-announced home affairs select committee inquiry by MPs: “If asked, I will tell them what I know.” Metropolitan police sources said they planned to interview him.

Hall had been named in a previous MPs’ inquiry as the man who transcribed swaths of hacked voicemail messages for other journalists, including the tabloid’s chief reporter, Neville Thurlbeck.

This could go on for months.

Those who would profit from Coulson’s demise are already taking an interest.

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