Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy will miss Nick Clegg’s keynote conference speech later this afternoon after several sources spotted him on a train to London from Liverpool. He had already skipped a Guardian fringe event where he was the star billing.

Kennedy was the only Liberal Democrat MP to vote against the coalition, whom he subsequently described as “bastards”.

There can be little doubt this will be seen as a snub to Clegg.

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  21. Well the Liberal Democrat conference is over, the only thing it has confirmed is that Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are two of the biggest CONservative CONmen and the rest of remaining Liberals are too confused to see it or understand exactly what has happened to them or their party, or that they now stand on the brink of political extinction, or they are all in denial. They honestly think they can be in this TORY government and oppose it at the same time!
    BTW has anyone seen Charles Kennedy? He may have problems, but being a two faced hypocritical liar is not one of them!

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